Once your organisation implements a business continuity management system (BCMS) and creates a business continuity plan, the work is not entirely done. The plan needs to be reviewed and regularly updated to remain effective after proper testing.

Review your BC strategy often. Testing a BC plan affords your business the chance to see what works well and what needs to be improved. Continue testing by reviewing the process. Leaving the BC plan to stale after implementing the system is not a good idea.

Update the BC plan as often as needed. As technology evolves and people join or leave the business, a business continuity plan needs to be updated to reflect these changes. Create a team to oversee the process and bring the people together to review and update it.

Ask for feedback. Before the review takes places, ask employees to send feedback to include in the BC plan based on the performance of the current strategy and disaster response. Incorporate lessons learned to get optimum performance next time.

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Include all relevant personnel. All departments and business units need access to review the plan, which includes various band location or remote units. A cloud-based integrated business continuity management system is the perfect option to enforce that.

Make BC a priority from the top down. CIOs and senior management play an important role in creating, enforcing, and reviewing a business continuity plan. An integrated system ensures management and relevant staff have access to proper testing and review.

Promote system awareness and urgency. Ensure employees know about the plan through rigorous system training. Staff needs to understand the importance of a BC plan when disasters occur. Quick access to implementation and review is possible with an integrated business continuity management system.

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