A well-designed and correctly implemented integrated occupational health and wellness system (OHS) offers important deliverables that assist organisations in improving employee productivity, business efficiency, and increasing compliance.

In this post, we are looking at the strategic business impact of an integrated OHS solution and its most important benefits for the organisation and its external stakeholders.

Internal benefits include:

  • Improves the general well-being of the workforce in an organisation
  • Provides important information about the state of well-being of the workforce to facilitate better planning of projects that are human resource intensive
  • Performs early and accurate identification of adverse health trends in workers’ groups
  • Addresses any identified health problems and proposes remedial actions timeously and in a cost-effective way
  • Prevents further HR and health-related workplace issues through fast health remedies recommendations
  • Minimises employee sick leave by addressing developing conditions and diseases at an early stage.
  • Adopts a general preventative philosophy that is more cost-effective than cure and treatment solutions for work-related injuries and other health problems
  • Informs and trains employees about hazards and risks in the workplace, so they can identify potential problems earlier and more accurately

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Through its research into health matters, an integrated OHS solution not only addresses problems in a specific work environment but also contributes towards solving general industry occupational issues.

Other external benefits include:

  • Enables further progress and development in the health industry
  • Promotes healthy PR values outside the organisation as it demonstrates commitment towards its employees and the community in a tangible way
  • Ensures compliance with relevant legislation and external audit systems
  • Aligns organisations with international trends in occupational health, allowing them to compete globally

In conclusion, employing an Integrated Occupational Health System is a prerequisite for the modern organisation, with strategic benefits that help businesses derive real value and reduce costs at the same time.

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