Investing in high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) is increasingly beneficial for an organisation’s safety risk management. PPE aims to protect the employees; however, it can quickly become dangerous if the equipment is of low quality and uncomfortable to the user.

PPE purchase depends on the company’s needs and practices. Before investing in high-quality PPE, in-depth research should be conducted to determine the deciding factors. In addition, an organisational survey should be considered to assess employee concerns. When a survey is undertaken regarding the adoption of PPE, there are various topics to consider. Conducting a safety survey in the workplace is an exercise in recognising hazards and risks, enabling the company to set controls, inspect the site and select the appropriate PPE for purchase.

OCCX – our Occupational Health and Wellness Management Solution integrates hiring and recruitment, employee occupational health, medical surveillance, medical interventions, employee wellness programs and workplace injury management. This enables health practitioners to track medical trends, manage regulatory compliance and requirements, reduces absences and make more informed decisions on how to improve employee health, productivity and wellness.

For example, a manager should check around the worksite for physical risks, such as uncovered wires and obstructed pathways or regions, ensuring there are fire extinguishers around the building and clearly marked emergency exits is indoors. Additionally, a manager should examine resources by creating a catalogue of materials to which workers interact or are subject, helping them recognise risks and better minimise their interaction with them. Companies need to invest time into understanding how their employees work, ensuring that they do nothing that that is a health and safety risk, and communicate with employees to gain an understanding of how comfortable they are with their daily safety.

The aim of investing in PPE is to protect employees. Businesses must endeavour to ensure they meet their employees’ needs when investing in high-quality PPE to ensure continued workplace safety. This task must be done under careful consideration and can be aided with effective PPE management software.

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