The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant effects on the South African economy, affecting domestic travel, social gatherings, work regulations and the tourism industry. With the easing of lockdown regulations to level 1, a range of sectors can re-open under strict government directives.

As many employees begin returning to work, businesses need to ensure the health and safety of their workforce. Complying with national and international health and safety regulations, assessing the risk of exposure, and minimising the spread of the virus can seem overwhelming. In an attempt to aid in this transition, we have created a Covid-19 self-assessment checklist on our mobile application.

With our checklist, management is now able to evaluate whether an employee is fit to return to the workplace. Our checklist covers easy to answer questions for each employee to complete, including;

  • I know the reporting protocol should I start displaying COVID-19 symptoms.
  • I know that I need to avoid physical contact, such as hugs and handshakes.
  • I know reporting procedure should someone at home or in my workplace display COVID-19 symptoms.
  • I have all the industry-specific PPE required for my work tasks and COVID-19 protections.

South Africa has an extensive Occupational Health and Safety Act. Under standard regulations, failure to comply with the Act can result in severe penalties. When the president declared a state of national disaster in March 2020, further penalties became applicable for misrepresentation of Covid-19 infection status, intentional exposure to the virus, and repercussions for the business should employees become infected in the workplace.

OCCX – our Occupational Health and Wellness Management Solution integrates hiring and recruitment, employee occupational health, medical surveillance, medical interventions, employee wellness programs and workplace injury management. This enables health practitioners to track medical trends, manage regulatory compliance and requirements, reduces absences and make more informed decisions on how to improve employee health, productivity and wellness.

Employees who contract the virus in the workplace can take active recourse against the business. It is not only a legal requirement for businesses to ensure employee safety, but it is also in their best interest. Companies may follow all regulatory guidelines to provide for the protection of their employees, following strict safety protocols, and an employee may still be susceptible to the virus.

Our self-assessment checklist enables you to monitor any negative response to an assessment question or recording of a temperature that is above the normal range, with the app automatically alerting a manager for action. The app allows management to decide on practical steps that can be taken to reach a prompt solution and ensure the continued health and safety of the workforce.

Changes in regulatory levels have sought to boost the economy but have left a growing concern for the health and safety of employees. Our simple self-assessment checklist is giving companies a convenient way to keep track of employee health in a cost-effective manner.


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