The COVID-19 pandemic has made many businesses reconsider their business model. With most industries being effectively shut down for prolonged periods, many have seen their energy consumption change. Some companies have had to manage remote offices, whilst those that have kept their offices running have experienced higher energy consumption from using the equipment required to meet new health and safety regulations.

The South African energy system requires coal, a non-renewable resource, to meet 70% of the country’s energy demands. The industrial, transport, public services and commerce sectors collectively account for 85% of the country’s energy demands. Moving towards becoming an energy-efficient company has many benefits for the business, including the formation of a positive public reputation for environmental responsibility. The country is moving towards the establishment of clean energy initiatives, with a transition from high to low carbon emissions. Considering the national move towards clean energy and the impending reality of carbon tax, it has become crucial for companies to move towards managing their environmental impact and energy consumption.

To help businesses manage this seemingly daunting transition, we have created an integrated environmental management system, ENVIRX, to measure, trend and report on specific areas of environmental impact. ENVIRX allows companies to monitor performance and manage compliance with national and international regulatory standards. With the inclusion of the ENVIRX energy monitoring module, businesses can now monitor all energy items that affect their carbon footprint and increase legislative compliance.

ENVIRX enables organisations to manage their risk based material environmental impacts in an integrated manner, enabling GRI G4 en standard management and reporting requirements according to the processes defined in the ISO 14001: 2015 standard. ENVIRX uses the same dynamic framework to measure, trend and report on their impact area, i.e. materials, water, energy, biodiversity, effluents and emissions amongst others.

Implementing an energy monitoring system can help businesses create a more comfortable and environmentally friendly workplace for employees. Our ENVIRX energy monitoring module will also allow you to improve organisational building performance and implement control solutions that can help you reduce energy consumption and save costs. Energy monitoring and environmental management go far beyond compliance and cost reductions; it also enables businesses to create longevity in a world that is transitioning towards environmental sustainability and responsible energy consumption.  Energy monitoring with ENVIRX puts the business in control of their carbon footprint.