Gartner has identified the emerging security and risk management trends that will impact security, privacy and risk leaders in the longer term. These trends will have a significant disruptive impact on business operations in various industries.

The enterprise security risk is linked to business outcomes

Security and risk management becomes more aligned with IT strategy and business goals, which prompts management and security leaders to focus on key security risks that are relevant to decision-makers. An integrated security management solution (ISMS) can better balance your strategic objectives with business risks and market appetite.

Security operations focus on threat response and detection

There is a shift in security risk management towards the implementation of security alerts, cyber threats detection and real-time response. Threats become more sophisticated as the complexity and frequency of security alerts grow. Your security management system should be ready to integrate threat intelligence, consolidate security alerts and automate response.

Data security is viewed as an integral part of a governance framework

Organisations have started to address data security through a more complex governance framework by looking at data usage, behaviour, context, compliance and regulation instead of focusing on data security products. Ensure your data security system can understand, analyse, and prioritise security regulations and governance.

Our Integrated Management System (MSX) merges all organizational systems and processes in to one common cohesive framework that drives business excellence and ensures continual improvement. MSX enables business leadership to view management performance across the business activities and assists leaders to make informed actionable decisions.

Passwordless authentication is gaining market traction

There is a wide scope of growth for passwordless authentication, such as Touch ID and Face ID on smartphones for mobile applications. The technology is increasingly deployed in enterprise applications to enhance security authentication and minimise data breaches. Look for these technologies in the security management systems of the future.

Cloud security investment goes mainstream

The shift to the cloud also means that security management is increasingly focusing on the cloud environment and its unique new challenges. Gartner estimates that the majority of cloud security failures will be the fault of the customers, as organisations may be unprepared or unskilled to tackle cloud security.

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