Enterprises are increasingly using machine learning and AI for cybersecurity and internet traffic management. Incorporating AI and ML in security management systems can enhance security management and proactively protect the business against future cyber threats.

The wide applications of AI and ML for business can address and optimise network infrastructure capacity, scaling and performance, but also help organisations manage data traffic, minimise cyber risks and identify security vulnerabilities.

Automated security systems

AI-driven security management systems promote automation and effective updating of tasks and applications, responding to oncoming threats and other vulnerabilities while reducing human error, which is one of the largest contributors to cyber attacks.

AI can improve the overall effectiveness of the security management system, assisting security teams with automation and real-time threat detection and updating vulnerable applications before the cyber damage is done.

Our Integrated Management System (MSX) merges all organizational systems and processes in to one common cohesive framework that drives business excellence and ensures continual improvement. MSX enables business leadership to view management performance across the business activities and assists leaders to make informed actionable decisions.

Complex security threats

Advanced security threats are not only limited to sophisticated malware, phishing, but also attacks on mobile devices, scripting, software automation and APIs. Organisations have no choice but to leverage the latest technologies to counteract increasingly intelligent threats.

Most or all of the important security tasks can be done without major human intervention thanks to back-end AI and ML algorithms. While AI automation is not likely to completely replace human assistance, AI-enabled systems are more effective against complex threats.

Advanced security algorithms

If you are investing in an integrated security management system to oversee your network architecture and manage data risk in your business, a solution built on AI technology can help you dig deeper into your data security behaviour and processes.

For example, advanced learning models and algorithms can be created and applied to automate security policies, perform advanced security scans and research, seek and identify cyberattack patterns to get the system prepared for future security threats.

Are you looking for an integrated security management system for your business?

MSX Cyber, part of the XGRC product range, assists organisations in driving performance and compliance with its integrated information security management system built on AI and ML technologies and the ISO 27001 Information Security framework.