As more organisations place cybersecurity as a top priority, implementing the ISO 27001 standard for their information security management system (ISMS) becomes an important step in enforcing world-class security.

Does your business need to prioritise ISO 27001 certification? A British study set out to find out the main motivations behind adopting the ISO 27001 information security standard.

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  1. Improve Information Security

According to the IT Governance survey, more than 70% of the 120 global professionals who have implemented ISO 27001 or are likely to do it in the future reported a business need to improve their information security.

Organisations looking to optimising information security at an enterprise level can focus their efforts better by investing in an integrated information security management system (ISMS) that follows the best security practices conveyed by the ISO 27001 standard.

  1. Mitigate Cyber Risks

With an increased number of reported data breaches year-on-year, organisations turn to the ISO 27001 standard to be better prepared in the face of cyber attacks and mitigate their disastrous effects.

The study mentioned above found out that 60% of companies who adopt ISO 27001 requirements believe that cyber attacks are inevitable or very likely to occur, and the standard can assist with a universal framework to identify, mitigate and minimise risks.

  1. Ensure Legal Compliance

ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements of an ISMS and aligns management with international best practices designed to minimise cyber risks and mitigate damage.

The standard is an excellent investment in ensuring legal and regulatory compliance. 52% of study respondents indicated compliance as their top priority, and 57% mentioned the competitive advantage and new business opportunities gained thanks to legal compliance.

Furthermore, 48% of organisations implemented ISO 27001 in their ISMS to achieve compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements to manage and reduce data breaches and meet client demands for greater data security.

MSX Cyber, part of the XGRC product range, assists organisations to drive performance and compliance with its integrated information security management system built on the ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Information Security framework.