Ensuring a safe work environment is a top priority for any organisation. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the latest module to our XGRC Software suite: the Safety Behavior Observation (SBO) module. This innovative tool is designed to streamline the process of capturing, managing, and addressing safety observations in the workplace. Here’s a closer look at how this module can transform your organisation’s safety culture.

1. Detailed Observations for Comprehensive Understanding

The Details Tab serves as the heart of the module. Users can effortlessly record every aspect of a safety observation:

  • Case Number:Unique identifier for each observation
  • Date and Time:Precise logging of when the observation was made
  • Captured by:Option for anonymity, essential for candid reporting and whistle-blowing
  • Observation Type:Tailored checklists based on the type of observation
  • Department and Category:Specific to business units and observation categories
  • Rule and Location:Easy identification of the safety rules and the location involved
  • Description:A narrative section for additional details

This meticulous approach ensures that no critical detail is overlooked, paving the way for accurate safety assessments.

2. Checklist Integration for Targeted Assessments

The Checklist Tab enhances the SBO module by linking observation types with configurable checklists. These checklists, crafted in the admin section, include:

  • Pre-configured Questions:Standardised yet customisable queries to evaluate safety
  • Answers with Values:Quantifiable data for easy analysis
  • Photos and Documents:Visual evidence and document upload capabilities, primarily via mobile
  • Actions and Non-conformance:Directly raise actions or non-conformances from the checklist

Such integration allows for a thorough and consistent safety evaluation, which is essential for creating a proactive safety environment.

3. Actionable Insights with Automated Linking

Every observation can lead to an action, and the Actions Tab ensures these are not just recorded but are actionable. The ability to raise actions directly within the module—and link them to the observation record—fosters a responsive and responsible safety management system.

4. Non-conformance Tracking for Accountability

When non-conformances arise from checklist assessments, they’re prominently displayed in the Non-conformance Tab. This visibility is critical to holding parties accountable and ensuring that corrective measures are taken.

5. Documentation and Knowledge Sharing

The Related Documents Tab and References Tab serve as repositories for supporting documents and cross-module record referencing. By uploading relevant documents and linking to records from other modules, the SBO module becomes a knowledge hub for safety-related information.


XGRC Software’s new Safety Behavior Observation module is more than just a tool—it’s a step towards cultivating a culture of safety where accountability and proactive measures are the norms. By providing a detailed, integrated, and user-friendly platform, we empower organisations to respond to safety incidents and anticipate and prevent them. Adopt the SBO module today and set a new standard for safety in your organisation.