Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Project Management have been discussed conjointly for some time now. We are currently undergoing several changes, with technology continuously evolving to improve our lives. Various industries are employing automation to improve efficiency and effectiveness – the integration of human capabilities and technical programmes has resulted in enhanced performance and inspired organisational culture. The use of AI in project management is almost commonplace.

AI is an umbrella term that describes an approach that mimics human intelligence such as language processing, machine learning and pattern recognition or management. AI is intelligence demonstrated by machines – it uses data, servers and algorithms to train machines for particular functions (object recognition, reasoning, problem-solving, planning etc.).

As an application of AI, Machine Learning (ML) provides systems with the ability to perform a specific task effectively without explicit instruction and relies on patterns and inference instead. Together, AI and ML provide deep and valuable insights from a vast data source, often difficult to track by people.

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AI and Project Management

Project management emerged as a means to manage a group of people towards an end goal. With managing people and projects comes the challenges of keeping the projects punctual and cost-effective and the people on task. It is common for project managers to manage multiple teams and projects simultaneously, and for a field well known for having several moving parts, finding ways for an easier and more efficient process is paramount.

A smoother process for project managers produces more reliable outcomes – this is where AI enters. AI is increasingly used in project management tools and technology to tackle various tasks, from scheduling to analysing to making suggestions. It is these supplementary tools that make AI a maximum benefit to project managers in the future.

 AI in Project Management

The uniqueness of AI in monitoring particular patterns and predicting project scenarios or outcomes cements its frequency and usefulness in the project management area. Some ways in which AI s revolutionising and transforming project management are:

  • Business insight and productivity

AI allows project management to provide more insight into potential outcomes, resulting in enhanced decision-making. It increases organisational productivity by automating multiple repetitive processes.

  • Risk management

AI enhances the visibility of projects which allows for early risk detection. These risks are handled before they threaten the completion or quality of a project.

  • Holistic project view

AI provides real-time data and project updates through data visualisation. It also helps a team better understand the status of a project, allowing for informed decision-making on the duration, cost and strategy of the project.

  • Planning and resource administration

AI improves the accuracy of project planning. It supports the project manager in monitoring the project’s progression, which is valuable in large and complex projects. An organisation can make the right decision on the best allocation of resources with AI.

AI-enabled project management systems will likely enhance human behaviour in more rigid and various ways. It is vital in helping management understand the nuances that may accompany people who work with their own patterns. XGRC Software assists management teams in driving excellence, performance and compliance with its product range based on harmonised international standards and guidelines for best business practices.