Technological advancements and artificial intelligence (AI) have produced a dynamic shift in traditional working styles. Organisations have had to adapt to managing their employees remotely due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and national regulation changes. Businesses have had to make adjustments to ensure continued operations without compromising employee safety and health and managing environmental and quality standards.

Artificial intelligence provides the opportunity for businesses to engage in cloud-based SHEQ management, allowing users to access authorised data remotely. AI can manage SHEQ without downtime, thereby ensuring that information is always current and available at your fingertips through your smartphones or computers. Organisations can also address non-compliance, track corrective actions, and gain insight into SHEQ data with easy visuals and notifications.

OCCX – our Occupational Health and Wellness Management Solution integrates hiring and recruitment, employee occupational health, medical surveillance, medical interventions, employee wellness programs and workplace injury management. This enables health practitioners to track medical trends, manage regulatory compliance and requirements, reduces absences and make more informed decisions on how to improve employee health, productivity and wellness.

Using AI to manage SHEQ remotely can optimise an organisation’s performance, including strategic and tactical plans. AI can enhance the company’s ability to identify business risks and opportunities and provide data outputs that enable management to better plan its strategic goals, which can then be translated into applied calculated programs. This forms the basis of the business processes, procedures, and associated resources to enable the organisation to achieve its long-term strategic goals.

Here are a few strategies your organisation can implement to being managing SHEQ remotely. These strategies will help your organisation run business remotely without any compromise or negative impact on your business.

  1. Digitise: Use a digital system, such as SHEQX, to ensure current SHEQ data is remotely available.
  2. Plan: Ensure that tasks are assigned to the correct employees for optimised timing and results.
  3. Save and Manage: Ensure that your data is organised according to departments and tasks for relevant users.
  4. Advance: Log and manage all instances of non-compliance and track corrective actions.
  5. Account and Analyse: Gain insights into your data with easy visual dashboards and notifications and ensure corrective actions are implemented.
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