As we near the end of a socio-economically turbulent year, companies are reflecting on the lessons learned in 2020 with the hopes of improving their policies, processes, and performance. Whilst many businesses have had the misfortune of seeing their industries struggle, other companies have been able to adapt and thrive in the face of crisis.

Here are three lessons that businesses have learned in 2020:

  1. Remote working is achievable

Research suggests that 88% of organisations worldwide either enforced or encouraged employees to work from home once the COVID-19 virus was declared a global pandemic. A further 97% of organisations opted to cancel all work-related travel. These high percentages suggest that the remote workplace is an achievable goal. With 77% of remote employees finding their productivity levels to be higher when they work from home, technological advancements are taking the workplace into the digital era.

  1. A business continuity strategy is essential

Embracing innovation and adaptability as part of your business model allows your company to react timeously in times of crisis. An innovative business continuity management system will enable your organisation to predict risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, giving you an advantage over your competitors. A business continuity plan allows organisations to make concise decisions and identify opportunities to remain functional, giving them the flexibility to survive times of duress and crisis.

  1. Promote SHEQ awareness

Organisations with strong workplace cultures have persisted through the uncertainty of the year. The pandemic and accompanying safety regulations have brought workplace health and safety into the spotlight. Promoting a workplace culture of safety, health, environmental, and quality (SHEQ) awareness is essential to employee loyalty and business continuity. The best way to promote a culture of occupational health and safety is to ensure that policies are made known, procedures are enforced, and job-specific personal protective equipment (PPE) is made available. Employees are your most valuable resource making their safety your priority.

While the world may never return to life as we knew it, it is possible to equip your business with adequate management solutions to prepare for the post-pandemic normal.