This is the second blog in the ‘Becoming a more eco-friendly business’ blog series. The first blog entitled ‘Becoming a more eco-friendly business: Part 1’ listed ways businesses can become more eco-friendly. In this blog, the list of ways companies can be more eco-friendly will be continued.

Going green is not only beneficial for the environment, but it can form part of your business’ bottom line as well as save money. While many people believe becoming more eco-friendly can be a difficult and expensive move, they could not be more wrong. Becoming a green business is a lot easier than people think and can actually save businesses money.

Here are a few more ways your business can become a green business:

Practice green procurement

It might be time to look for suppliers that provide sustainable products. To become a more eco-friendly company, you need to ensure that even those you are in business with are eco-friendly. This is because when looking at the impact your company has on the environment, everything will be looked at, including your suppliers as their methods and products contribute to the overall environmental impact of your company. Being more mindful of where your supplies and goods come from is a simple yet effective way to make your organisation more eco-friendly.

ENVIRX enables organisations to manage their risk based material environmental impacts in an integrated manner, enabling GRI G4 en standard management and reporting requirements according to the processes defined in the ISO 14001: 2015 standard. ENVIRX uses the same dynamic framework to measure, trend and report on their impact area, i.e. materials, water, energy, biodiversity, effluents and emissions amongst others.

Opt for green web hosting

Servers need to be running at all times, which requires around the clock power. This can add up to quite a bit of environmental damage. Green web hosting is, therefore, servers that are powered by environmentally friendly resources. By choosing green web hosting, you can ensure that at least part of the energy needed to power your website comes from alternative energy. This is very affordable and much more eco-friendly than using regular web hosting.

Implement an environmental management system

Implementing an environmental management system (EMS), such as XGRC’s ENVIRX, makes sense as a business. By implementing an EMS, companies can access the risk the organisation poses to the environment as well as threats from the environment. It also assists in looking for ways to reduce these risks. It is able to identify opportunities that can arise from these risks. By implementing an EMS, businesses can reduce the chance of these risks from actually happening.

ENVIRX, part of the XGRC Software product range, enables organisations to manage their risk-based material environmental impacts in an integrated manner. ENVIRX is built on GRI G4 standard management and the ISO 14001: 2015 standard framework.

ENVIRX uses the same dynamic framework to measure, trend and report on their impact area, i.e., materials, water, energy, biodiversity, effluents and emissions, among others.