Information Security Management Systems are a set of policies and procedures implemented by organisations to manage information risks such as cyber-attacks or data theft. Cybersecurity in this day and age is critical for every business. This is due to the evolving nature of cybercriminals and their technology. If a company is breached by a cyberattack, it can have devastating consequences for both the company, its employees and customers. As companies store confidential customer and business data such as credit card details, a cyber breach can result in a loss in trust, finances and business.

XGRC’s MSXCYBER monitoring modules aid businesses in monitoring, measuring, analysing and evaluating various systems and ISMS application integrity. It is able to monitor all the necessary aspects of systems and sends an instant notification when systems are breached or are under threat. However, it is not only cybersecurity that businesses need to focus on, they also need to ensure that their cyber functionality is up to scratch. MSXCYBER also aids organisations with this. MSXCYBER is designed to help your business become ISO 27001 accredited.

The MSXCYBER monitoring modules consist of the following:

Asset register

This module allows organisations to manage their assets, costs and disposal thereof. This, therefore, ensures companies are able to organise their essential data.


The non-conformances module enables the identification and documentation of quality events, routing of events appropriately, enforcing of structured cause investigations and implementation of corrective actions. This, therefore, is able to identify where a business’ systems are not complying with ISO regulations, therefore, putting the entire system at risk. This module allows the business to see where their systems are not conforming and rectify them for the best cyber protection.

Our Integrated Management System (MSX) merges all organizational systems and processes in to one common cohesive framework that drives business excellence and ensures continual improvement. MSX enables business leadership to view management performance across the business activities and assists leaders to make informed actionable decisions.


This training module manages employee competencies and training requirements. It, therefore, ensures the right person with the right skills is assigned to the right job. This helps to optimise business processes as well as ensure efficiency throughout the organisation.

Legal compliance

Legal compliance is essential for any business. This module ensures businesses have ongoing, up-to-date compliance with legislative and corporate requirements. It does this by tracking regulatory parameters and put legal requirements through the MSX legislation database.

The XGRC Software range of integrated system solutions is designed to meet all the requirements of your organisation’s Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) strategy, from planning to monitoring and reporting.

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