Here are some useful tips for maintaining safety, health, environmental and quality compliance in the workplace.

  1. Provide basic SHEQ training for employees 

Make sure that employees undergo basic training on the SHEQ policies and procedures. Include safety training in the induction training for all new employees. This training should consist of basic safety principles and first aid in case of medical emergencies, as well as the company’s SHEQ procedures and policies in case of natural disasters, such as fire hazards. Encourage employees to follow-up on basic training with SHEQ certifications.

  1. Invest in personal protection equipment 

Personal protection equipment or PPE is an integral part of SHEQ compliance in the workplace. Make PPE a priority for all employees. Inspect the equipment regularly to ensure safe working conditions and usage and store it safely to keep it well-maintained. It’s always a good idea to have spare protective equipment stored safely.

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  1. Prep the work environment to minimise risks 

Work environments can pose serious health and safety hazards, including the risk of slips, spills, falls, poisoning, and so on. Minimise these risks by ensuring the walkways are free of obstacles, all staircases and railings are safe, and all hazardous chemicals and cleaners are safely stored to avoid contamination on contact. Keep machinery, equipment and tools clean and in top shape to prevent malfunctions and restrict access to them if not in use.

  1. Add visible warnings and emergency plans 

Sometimes, even with careful preparations, accidents can occur. If health and safety standards cannot be eliminated straight away, ensure that you place visible warnings in areas prone to risk, e.g. around electrical machinery. Display emergency plans and evacuation points around the workplace. Mark emergency exit routes and make sure all exits are accessible and safe to use.

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