The most effective quality management systems optimise manufacturing, streamline operations, and improve product quality. Take advantage of the latest advanced technologies to get the most out of your quality management solution. Here’s how.

  1. Switch to an Automated System

Traditional quality management systems rely on paper-based documents and spreadsheet to collect and update data referring to product quality control and quality feedback. The process of capturing and analysing this data is labour- and resource-intensive.

Replace your quality management system with an automated solution that aggregates and updates data in real-time in a central data repository, thus unifying and improving all quality management information and processes.

  1. Leverage Analytics and Reporting 

The main advantage of an automated quality management system is the availability of real-time and accurate data streaming, which provides an adequate groundwork for quick data analytics and dynamic reporting.

Look out for a quality management system that integrates data into a central dashboard and provides multiple data views with drill-down capabilities and business intelligence-driven insights. Make analytics and reporting accessible 24/7 from any mobile devices via a cloud-based solution that hosts the data in the cloud.

SHEQX’s solution transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organise, so you can focus on what matters to you. Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen and push your business further.

  1. Focus on Compliance 

Improving quality management processes means to continuously strive for excellence, with quality benchmarking as a start. Ensure product consistency and customer satisfaction by aligning your processes with international quality standards such as ISO 9001.

Invest in an integrated and compliant quality management system that has built-in compliance validation automatically updates to stay in line with current regulations, legislations and technological requirements.

Our SHEQX (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) management solution, part of the XGRC product range, is an integrated management system that aggregates SHEQ data in a single, auditable database, to manage analysis, reporting and compliance effectively.

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