Cyber attacks have intensified in the country for the past years, with hackers growing more confident in attacking companies and even government infrastructure.

The local edition of The Huffington Post compiled a top with the most significant hacking hits to date. Most attacks concentrated on local government institutions and were motivated by anti-corruption or political reasons.

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Cyber attacks on the South African Government

Several institutions belonging to South Africa’s government were attacked not once, but four times in the past six years!

In one politically-motivated attack in 2012, Morrocan hackers managed to get away with information from the department of social development, the Presidential Planning Commission, the National Population Unit’s sites.

Later in 2016, The World Hacker Team, which associates with the Anonymous collective, hacked the department of water affairs’ website to destabilise corruption in the region. The hackers released personal data of thousands of people and sensitive financial information.

The same hacker group stole supplier information and payment details from the website of the state arms manufacturer, Armscor.

National broadcaster SABC’s servers were flooded with requests coming from the same Anonymous Hackers targeting corrupt corporations and individuals. At the time the hackers also targeted Oakbay Investments, which belonged to the controversial Guptas.

In 2017, the website of the Department of Education fell under Islamic militant hackers posting a message with their grievances.

In each case, the hackers wanted to increase awareness of lack of justice, corruption and unfairness, and financial damages were minimal if none.

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