Our SHEQX ® (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality)management solution aggregates SHEQ data in a single, auditable database and manages analysis and reporting effectively, ensuring effective compliance and a more robust approach to corporate sustainability. Our suite of modules will assist to drive compliance withinternational standards and guidelines such as ISO 9001,ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and more. SHEQX ® is an integrated management system with links between all modules within our solution.


How will a Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality Management Solution benefit your business?

Audits, Inspections and Meetings sent via outlook meeting invitations to ensure all relevant parties have updated invitations scheduled in their calendars.
Mobility, accessibility, enhanced functionality and services on demand without expensive infrastructure costs.
Peace of mind on expiry dates of Policies, Procedures, MSDS’s, Permits, and more.
Smart notifications is sent out on actions, escalations, reminders and updates.
Data security is assured using multiple encryptions and https secure connections.
And much more.

Log an incident from anywhere!

Our solution is linked to a mobile application and ussd solution.

With our mobile application, you are able to log the basics of an incident immediately. You can log the important information, take pictures and notify the correct people in one simple action. The mobile application is fully integrated into the whole solution, allowing you to access the information instantly.

No smart phone? No problem.

Our SHEQX solution is also linked to a USSD application, allowing you to start logging the incident at the scene even if you don’t have a smart phone. (Similar to a please call me.)

Some of our most popular SHEQX modules

PPE Management

Keep a register of PPE issued and PPE required to do the Job.


Easily book and track equipment for calibration.

Audits Management

Planning, scheduling, execution and reporting of any audit with ease.

Change Management

Plan different types of change management, administer the cost and the return on investment strategy of change management.

Legal Appointments

Enable the tracking of critical dates, such as appointment expiry dates, obligations and conditions to ensure compliance.

Stakeholder Engagement

Manage Community, Contractor, Supplier, Customer, Stakeholders, Governments and Union Interactions, Non-Conformances, Related Documents and Actions.

Medical Surveillance

Keep track of required medicals integrated into the Job Profile and Employee Management Modules.

Strategy Management

Define and manage company strategy. Link strategies to current Objectives.

Training Records

Keep a register of all employees and contractors trained.

Document Manager

Loading of SHEQ documents on the system for easy access with version control and revision reminders. Documents can be uploaded, or links to documents that are stored anywhere.

Legal Requirements

Store and manage legal risk categories. A pre-defined list of Environmental Health and Safety Risk Categories is provided to help you get started.

Occupational Job Profiles

Manage Job Profiles effectively and manage predefined training, medicals and PPE for every occupation.

Risk Management

Assist in identifying risks, implementing controls and continuous monitoring of key controls. Improve the visibility, management and reporting of risk to prevent incidents and losses before they occur.

Emergency Preparedness

Test emergency preparedness plans through regular exercise or drills.

Incident Management

Manage incidents from identification, investigation through to action management and closure.

Inspection Management

Planning, scheduling, execution and reporting of any Inspection with ease.

Action Manager

Assign and track corrective and preventative actions.

Permit Management

Enable the tracking of critical dates such as permit expiry dates, obligations and conditions to ensure compliance.

Objectives & Targets

Get complete insight to the status of your objectives and targets. Link Objectives to Strategies.

Non-conformance Management

Enforce the identification and documentation of non-conformance events and follow a structured analysis and root-cause identification process as well as preventative and corrective action planning.

Meeting Management

Manage meetings effectively, schedule, track and record all management review meetings with related documents. Easily keep track of scheduled meetings and trend on attendance and actions raised during meetings.

Employee Management

Employee and contractor personal details, work history, training and qualifications as well as permits and licenses are maintained in the system.


Drive innovation, promote engagement and capture great ideas.


Manage hazardous substances effectively through the provision of advanced safety data sheets for all of these substances.

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