VCM (Vendor Compliance Management) is our integrated RFQ and tender management solution. This Microsoft Azure, cloud-based platform is expertly designed to ensure complete visibility of suppliers on a centrally vetted database available to the private sector. Failure to appropriately vet potential supplier could result in possible fines and legal implications, license loss or increased expenditure. VCM allows companies the ability to screen their suppliers’ level of compliance in terms of the Legal Companies Act, B-BBEE and Technical compliance, ensuring optimal business operations.


How will VCM benefit your business?

Replaces the labour intensive, traditional vendor application
In-depth vetting of your suppliers’ compliance
Client dashboard view of suppliers’ compliance
Suppliers maintain their profiles and are re-vetted the moment any information is updated/changed
Mobile application available for suppliers
Vet the supplied documentation with the issuing institutions

How will VCM improve RFQ and tender management?

RFQ’s are issued to specific commodities and not selected suppliers, thereby creating equal opportunities
The buyer determined the adjudication criteria
RFQs are issued to registered and vetted suppliers only, creating buyer transparency
Submitted RFQ responses are automatically adjudicated based on the determined criteria

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