Our Occupational Health and Wellness Management Solution (OCCX) assists in increasing compliance, employee engagement, and organizational efficiency. Through integrating recruitment & hiring, employee/occupational health, medical interventions, medical surveillance, workplace injury management and employee wellness programs into one solution it enables health practitioner’s to track medical trends, manage compliance and regulatory requirements, reduce absences and make better decisions on how to improve employee health, wellness and productivity.


How will OCCX benefit your business?

Reduced manual data entry to save time and provide more efficiency.
Already configured to work within standard employee health workflows for ease and speed of implementation.
If SHEQX or MSX has already been purchased link injury related events to the employee medical profile to simplify OSHA compliance and manage Return to Work.
Employee Pre-employment screening management for more efficient hiring.
Detailed Medical Intervention management to improve employee health and disease management.
Powerful Medical Surveillance management to increase compliance and reduce risk.
Comprehensive Illness and Occupational Exposure Management.

Some of our most popular OCCX modules

Employee Information

Employee and contractor personal details, work history, medical aid and training qualifications as well as permits and licenses are maintained in the system.

*Occupational Job Profiles Manage job profiles effectively and define training medical and PPE requirements for all occupations.

Incapacity Management

Ensure that all employees that are not able to continue performing their duties are correctly and fairly managed by the company.

*Incapacity Functionality Information from IOD, absenteeism and medical intervention will automatically trigger investigation.

Hygiene Monitoring Results

Where information from various other modules will be used to consolidate information when capturing monitoring results.

*Hygiene Monitoring Functionality Information will be populated base on: maintain HEG’s and OEL’s, the system will then determine classification and calculate sampling frequencies.

Doctors Maintenance

The Doctor’s and/or Health Practitioners details and other specific related Information can be captured along with the users’ time log for when the data was captured.

* User Groups Unlimited user’s groups can be created by Administrators with permission control.

Claims Management

Allows for documents related to the claim to be attached to the record to make it easier to review and finalize claims.

* Claims Functionality Manage claims received from medical surveillance, intervention, IOD and incapacity management.

Hazard Identification

The identification of different type of hazards.

* Hazard Identification Functionality All Hazards can be identified, linked to a risk type and when doing a Risk Assessment, hazards will be selectable based on the risk type selected.

Occupational Health Risk Assessment

Contains all the information regarding the occupational health hazards that have been identified in the workplace.

* Occupational Risk Assessment Functionality Health Risks can either be sourced or data can be captured manually or imported.

Absenteeism Management

Control the costs of Absenteeism while reducing the risk and complexity of administering employee absence.

* Absenteeism Functionality Criteria for monitoring an employee’s sick days are set according to the Clients requirements and a record will then be written, once captured.


Following reports are provided: Medical Intervention, Surveillance and Summary reports. Dashboards also have 4 standard Occupational Health displays.

Hygiene Monitoring

Designed simply so that if required it can adopt different monitoring methodologies and approaches.

* Hygiene Monitoring Functionality Hygienist will be able to change the HEG/SEG of an employee if there is a change in occupation, workplace, and/or work area. Specific occupations and codes are capture

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