M.A.I.A (Managed Artificial Intelligence Archetype) Manages our two data science solutions, DAVE and LUCI.


DAVE (Data Analytics Visualization Engine):

Within DAVE a user can configure DataSet that are designed to receive or send data from multiple data sources like:

• Device IoT
• XGRC Data
• Microsoft Graph
• Microsoft Power Apps
• Microsoft PowerBI
• Custom requirements

LUCI (Live User Control Interface):


DataViews allows the user to create a view using any number of DataSets, machine learning and neuralnets. Effectively the ability to build cubes on the DataSets. This provides the user with the ability to expose the DataView via API to your own BI (Business Inelegance) tools or use the dashboards created in M.A.I.A.


Agents provide the ability to truly use the power of Artificial intelligence. Think of every Agent as your personal AI where you can use the data to do anything from Predictive maintenance, Driver fatigue monitoring, a H&S assistant or any tedious tasks that would normally require human intervention.


How will M.A.I.A benefit your business?

State-of-the-art business intelligence platform to facilitate enterprise risk profile management
Automation in all aspects of the solution, e.g. from real-time system integration to the dissemination of derived analytical results
Controlled and managed by AI engine acting as in-system assistant to users, i.e requires very little user input to yield results for real-world decision making
Highly adaptive and aggressive business rule engine empower users with real-time operational decision making
Supports multiple interface methodologies, e.g. browser and mobile apps

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