Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide businesses with the framework to measure, trend and report on various impact areas specific to their operations and the industry at large. However, companies can find it difficult to aggregate, manage, and analyse diverse KPIs in the ever-changing local and global context.

The solution is to be able to manage all key performance indicators for your business in an integrated manner, without losing sight of any critical data. XGRC Software has created a Key Indicator Management system specifically for this purpose.

KIX brings all your relevant key performance indicators in a centralised platform, pulling data from integrated business management systems monitoring safety and environmental performance.

ENVIRX enables organisations to manage their risk based material environmental impacts in an integrated manner, enabling GRI G4 en standard management and reporting requirements according to the processes defined in the ISO 14001: 2015 standard. ENVIRX uses the same dynamic framework to measure, trend and report on their impact area, i.e. materials, water, energy, biodiversity, effluents and emissions amongst others.

For example, when monitoring safety performance and safety risks, one of the most important key indicators is Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR), the number of lost time injuries occurring in a workplace per 1 million hours worked. This indicator determines how safe the workplace is for the employees.

Other indicators used in safety and environmental management refer to the measurement of energy and water usage, noise and air quality, waste footprint and carbon concentrations in the atmosphere – such as the popular indicator Greenhouse Gases (GHGs).

These indicators are directly tied to business sustainability and environmental compliance as enforced by outside regulation and legislation. Monitoring these KPIs can help your business maintain its operations aligned with best international practices.

A Key Indicator Management system such as KIX is instrumental in tracking and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental standards such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001. It uses a dynamic framework to track and report all compliance areas and assess the organisation’s performance in meeting the conditions, also reducing audit costs.

The KIX enterprise module integrates with our range of integrated management systems to ensure the proactive management of risks and opportunities and increase your business ability to comply with legislation and regulations.

The XGRC Software range of integrated system solutions is designed to meet all the requirements of your organisation’s Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) strategy, from planning to monitoring and reporting.

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